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ThoughtFolks GHaaS (Growth Hacking as Service) Framework TM

1 Acquire customers IDs Product/services (Digital and Social platform)
2 Create compelling content (Retain and Grow)
3 Clear CTA (ex: Form Fills)
4 Revenue (Reputation)
5 Referral (Collaboration)

What do we need to do in order to acquire 1 Million users for Your Product in next 6 months? - Growth Hacking

Let us take care of your viral campaigns and growth hacking. ThoughtFolks helps brands across the world grow from 0 to 100X within no time. We have helped start- ups and large enterprises drive viral campaign using our ThoughtFolks Growth Hacking Framework TM and proprietary tools/products.

We are known to convert your website and social media visitors into your loyal customer. Talk to us today to start your growth hack @ +1 408 444 7536 or

What our customer say about us?

“ThoughtFolks guys are extremely passionate about this….it is like working with a Rock Band while you enjoy seeing your business grow……..”

Lee Shawn, CMO

“This is super AWESOME ….We went from 180 FB followers to 19500 Organic Followers…..they know the art of Digital Growth Hacking.”

Umesh T, Serial Entrepruner

“This is unbelievable, they delivered fabulous results and we enjoy working with ThoughtFolks team…….It’s a perfect 10 on 10”

Bob Ward, CEO

“We fired our marketing, branding and half of our sales team…….ThoughtFolks is our mantra for success….thanks for making us the most trusted brand in fashion….YOU GUYS ROCK”

Shashi K, CMO
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